Monday, June 29, 2015

Cycle between Bournemouth to Dorchester

Enjoyed the night at the Hotel with a  bigger room with ensuite. Some noise as party goers arrived back at about 4.00am in the morning.

Much nicer ride today, by sticking to roads and avoiding rough tracks. Rode along the beachfront at Bournemouth which was miles long. Was planning to use the ferry across from sandbanks but somehow missed the turning. I decided against turning back so went along the waterfront at Poole.

Got through Wareham and then found the CTC cycle route 2 which was signposted superbly all the way to Dorchester.

When I got to Moreton, texted Sue who said she was going to her sisters farm at Puddletown so I made a detour and met her there. My legs were getting pretty tired so I was relieved to avoid the extra kilometers to Dorchester.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cycling between Southhampton and Bournemouth 56.5 kms

Hotel last night was very basic with single bed and shared bathroom. It was a pub really with accommodation and slightly noisy til closing time. Tired so slept well.

Today was tough!! Started OK with nice boat ride out of Southampton across to Hyde. There is a little train in Hyde which carries you down the long pier. Could have ridden on bike but hadn't unfolded the Brompton so gave it a go.

Got to the start of the New Forest and then things started to go wrong. First the wind was very strong across the tops and directly head on. Then my gps completely died. Wasn't the battery and I could not restart it. Got lost completely. Ended up going in circles on the forest tracks. luckily a Saturday so lots of trampers to ask. The CTC bike map was inadequate. My phone map was just for roads so no indication of forest tracks. I ended up on very rough bridal tracks so the Brompton wheels got bogged down in the mud.
Lots of New forest ponies around, in fact I had to go through a herd of them as they were hiding under a railway bridge to get out of the sun. 
Reached Brockenhurst and civilization so decided to go via the roads rather than risk going through more forest tracks. Once out of the New Forest things got better although tricky navigation getting into Bournemouth. 

Once I found I could cycle along the beach front made it a lot easier. A rather typical Day at the beach with huge crowds on Bournemouth waterfront.

Deserved a beer and pizza after a nice shower. The hotel is a lot better than last night.
Hope tomorrow, the last day goes better. I can see a new Garmin being needed!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Cycle from Hayling Island to Southhampton 34.6 kms

Origionaly planning to cycle from Hayling Island to Southhampton, but the ferry from Hayling island to Portsmouth has just gone bust. Sue drove me to Gosport on her way to Dorchester so cheated a little.

The ride was great. Lots of coastal views and only short stretches of rough gravel paths. The National Cycle Route 2 was well signposted although I still got lost a few times.
I got to the River Hamble and was slightly concerned that there would not be a ferry. The tide was a long way out so I walked down onto the foreshore and waved my arms.

The pink coloured ferry boat came over for me. I was the only passenger. had a good chat with the retired skipper. We talked about the viability of these ferry crossings particularly after the Hayling island ferry had closed.

The ride into Southampton was reasonable and found the Hotel without much trouble.
   See the stats at  Garmin Connect
about 36 kms only.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Krems to Emmersdorf

Simple day today. We steamed all night on the boat from Vienna to Krems. I think by all the noise involved with docking that we arrived about 6.30am at the Krems docking spot. Usual breakfast then off on a 40.2kms  ride along the left hand side of the river. this time going up stream and against the wind. Actually a tougher ride thyan expected as was very windy.
We stopped and looked around Krems, Durnstein, Weissenkirchen and then a final 10km straight run into Emmersdorf. We didnt go up the steep climb to the ruined castle opf Kueringer where Richard the lion Heart was held prisoner, but Gill and Sue went into the Church with a bend in Spitz. Oddly we all got lost and seperated in this town eventually catching up to each other at the church.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More of central Vienna

After the tour guide left us we looked for a place with wifi but not much success in central Vienna. Found a nice ice cream shop though. We are out to a concert tonight tonight which I presume will involve plenty of Strauss.

Day in Vienna

Supposed to be a day of rest in Vienna but we decided to go with a Bicycle tour guide around the famous sights of Vienna.
Saw some yesterday but we got a good explanation of all the history of the buildings. Our guide was very knowledgable with her background of history at university.