Saturday, May 31, 2014


Great day today with sunshine all day and a chance to dry out. Only done about 60kms today along the southern shores of lake Constance. 

Amazing how many people were out on bikes today. I suppose it is a saturday but had to keep a look out for the fast riders.
Last night was the coldest yet and next door to wimpering kids who also sounded cold during the night. (Family camping!!) The campsites are completly full over the weekend with lots of campervans so I am glad I set off early and arrive at campsites in early afternoon befor they get full up. Quite a few cyclits got turned away. It will be quieter next week as they had a holiday during the week and lots have taken the week off.

Paths were easy today with only short patches of rough surface.
Good views and lots of sailing boats about. It is a pretty large lake so lots of holiday homes and recreational areas.
Discovered the solar panels on the trailer far more efficient than the dynamo and far less effort!! This campsite at Huttenberg is really good with electricity and internet so happy to have my gadjets all charged. May be able to read a book and listen to some music tonight. For the Kiwis I can also listen to the national programme which starts morning report at 8 pm local time.

Another shortish ride tomorrow past the Rhine Falls.

Friday, May 30, 2014


Slept better last night as it wasnt so cold. Buchs camping site was in the village so had a good pizza and beer at the pub. Unfortunately it rained in the night so the tent was very wet to pack up. The rain continued all day, although was drizzle at times. Not unexpectantly the novelty of this trip wore off as I got colder and wetter on the bike.
Luckily the terrain was better with only short stretches of cinder track, the rest very nice tarmac surface with no traffic.
Still havent quite got the GPS sussed as got lost a few times trying to take a short cut missing out Fussack as I cut the corner from Buchs to Seehorn just past Arbon.
Probably did about 75 kms today but legs feel much better and no sore bum.
Big problem is electrical power for the GPS and Phone. The dynamo is definitly not working properly as cycled over 70 kms and barely charged. The other problem there was no sun for me to put out the solar panel. So will have to keep this short. Dont seem to be any power outlets at the campsite unless you pay and even then I still have the wrong adapter. I would have thought i would have got that right!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 3

First night in a tent for years. Very cold  night with all my clothes on as sleeping bag is well past its best. Hope I can catch Sue before she sets off as she needs to buy herself a new one as she has the same vintage as mine. Did sleep fitfully. Bloody cowbells could be heard all night.

Set off early as awake with the birds. Long climb through mountain pass. Got warmed up though. Had to walk some of the way. Spectacular views though into the valley.
Stopped frequently as kept thinking the dynamo was going to break as making terrrible noise. That is the front hub so would be a problem to fix.
Once through the gorge the valley opened up to pastures and horticulture. Wind as would be predicticted was constantly coming up the valley as the day warmed up.
Glad I found a Cafe open in Chur for a late Brunch as I realised it must be a holiday in Switzerland as all the shops are shut. Still havent got a SIM card but at least they have WIFI at my final destination.

Got to Buchs about 3pm just as my legs were giving up. About 6 hours in the Saddle and a total of just over 80 kms. My GPS was playing up all day until I realised it didnt like having 2 maps loaded into it. Havent got any paper maps so was relying on it. You can see from the screenshot that it missed a big chunk of the day. AND I didnt catch the bus! Luckily the sign posts are pretty good.
Not sure I will be able to cover the similar distance tomorrow as planned but we shall see.
Buchs is a real town so should be somewhere open tonight for a meal.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Left Andermatt after restless night. Great to get going at last. Got the train to Oberalppass. Spectacular views as we climbed to 2100 metres. Snowing lightly at the top. Took a while to get organised with extra layers and covers for the trailer. It was freezing.
BUT it was downhill for 10 kms. Stopped frequently to check the bike and brakes. All went without a problem. Stopped for a drink at Disentis/Muster but after that the road became a track. Very rough for the little wheels. Worse that the Otago rail trail by a long way. Starting to think about what would happen if something broke as pretty isolated and very few people about.

Classic Swiss views with cowbells constantly going. The cows must get tinnitus here.

Starting to get weary when I reached Ilanz, quicker than I thought, so stopped there for a decent lunch. I thought it would only be a short ride to the camp site but it was all up hill. So much for thinking it would be all downhill.
The camp site at Carrera is very isolated with only 2 tents here. There are no shops for miles so may only have water and a muesli bar for dinner. I hope the campsite owner will open up tonight(7-8) as there are a few goodies in the small shop which I can buy.

Havent got a Swiss SIM card as I planned. They had run out at Zurich airport!! No WiFi here of course so may use NZ roaming to get this off.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Arrived in Andermatt

Long day travelling from Heathrow to Andermatt. The two bags are heavy and difficult to handle, with lots of puffing up and down stairs at the stations.
Although the weather was dull some great views on the train from Zurich to Andermatt. Lots of cloud obscuring the mountain tops but looks like snow still around.
Met and had dinner with a very chatty American couple who are riding down the Rhine tomorrow too. He is 75 and planning to ride up the pass to the top so puts me to shame as I will take the train to the top of the pass.(that is the real start of the Eurovelo 15 and source of the Rhine).
Looking forward to actually starting the ride and so far few hitches. My plug adapter does not seem to fit so maybe the Swiss dont use the usual European plugs. Will have to charge my gadjets with the dynamo and solar panels.

Probably wont sleep that well, with the nervous excitement!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Last training ride before the Rhine trip.

Great ride with Gill this morning. Sunny day with a chilly wind. Had a bit of trouble keeping up with Gill on her road bike and me on the Brompton. Lots of licra clad bikers out today as it is a sunny Bank holiday Sunday.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let the fun begin

6 days to the start of the ride down the Rhine. Just sitting in the Koru lounge at Auckland airport, not looking forward to the flight, but excited by the thought of no work for a month.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Training day with trailers

Cold start but took trailers behind bikes to check everything works. Some hills but gentle ride.

Training day

Lovely day with sunshine and no wind.