Friday, June 26, 2015

Cycle from Hayling Island to Southhampton 34.6 kms

Origionaly planning to cycle from Hayling Island to Southhampton, but the ferry from Hayling island to Portsmouth has just gone bust. Sue drove me to Gosport on her way to Dorchester so cheated a little.

The ride was great. Lots of coastal views and only short stretches of rough gravel paths. The National Cycle Route 2 was well signposted although I still got lost a few times.
I got to the River Hamble and was slightly concerned that there would not be a ferry. The tide was a long way out so I walked down onto the foreshore and waved my arms.

The pink coloured ferry boat came over for me. I was the only passenger. had a good chat with the retired skipper. We talked about the viability of these ferry crossings particularly after the Hayling island ferry had closed.

The ride into Southampton was reasonable and found the Hotel without much trouble.
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about 36 kms only.