Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fourques to Serignac, about 44 kms

Fantastic day. We spent a great night at Fourques with very hospitable hosts. Far too much to eat and drink. Set off about 8am on a bright sunny day. Trip was all along the canal. The surface is sealed(Tarmac) all the way protected from the sun by large shading plane trees. Really easy riding. We passed fields of corn, large orchards of apple trees. The canal was quiet apart from the occasional boat gently chugging by. People all very friendly with a cheery wave. Stopped for coffee at a canalside cafe and then went into a small village called Damazon. Lovely town square. Bought some pizza and pattisseries for lunch sitting on town Hall steps.
Biked onto Serignac to a lovely Hotel (Prince Noir) where Sue had a swim. Met some Kiwis who are travelling around in a barge.  Looking forward to another great dinner here.