Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 22 Oosterbeek to Leersum 36kms

Just a short day. Coldish this morning but nice ride. Who said there were no hills in Holland. We had more hills today that the whole of the Rhine in Germany. The bike trails are great but don't follow the Rhine exactly so that why we are going up hills.

Was worried today that we were in Holland and hadn't seen either tulips or a windmill. Glad to say we saw our first windmill mid morning just after a lovely stop for coffee. Nice new restaurant with friendly staff and good food. (Late breakfast). The dutch also speak great English as neither of us can speak a word.
Passed quite a few war memorials and cemetries today as I know this area was fought over alot during the last war.
Found a pleasant campsite as part of a farm with nice hot showers. Lots of fruity farm smells but should be quiet. We were warned that Holland was playing in the world cup tonight so there might be raucous youths about.
We have walked to the nearest town today as I wasnt going to accept biscuits again for dinner tonight.

The good and the bad
The good. The solar panels have been great and a days sunshine will charge the cellphone, GPS and Bluetooth walkie talkie.
The bad. The dynamo basically has not worked well at all. Also had 2 spare batteries that have been dud and had to throw away. Bought some new ones that can be charged with solar and mains.