Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day one of our adventure

We got the train from Bordeaux this morning with all our luggage. 2 bikes folded in their cases and a trailer and 2 front panniers. I fetched a trolley from the station and trundled it back to the hotel to convey everthing to the station. The trip was easy wwith no difficulties getting the right train. Slightly nervous of our gear in the luggage part of the train but kept a regular eye on it. Got off at Marmande. This is really where everything that I had been planning needed to work. Got the bikes out of the bags,stowed the bags in the trailer and connected it to my bike. all the tools I brought paid off with easy connection of the hitch to the bike. Connected my Garmin etrex 20 to the handle bars and off we went. Although we were in quite heavy traffic initially once we got out of town there was an excellent bike track. We then diverted off the main road across country passing some old run down farms. Got slightly lost at one point when we went on looked like the proper road only to realise 10 minutes later that it was a dead end. Went across a dirt track to get back to the main road. We easily found Fourques and the B&B for the night. Lovely little village. The bikes and trailer all went well. Have adjusted Sue's seat for slightly morre comfort tomorrow I hope. Only a 10kms today but a great shake down for tomorrow when the real journey begins.