Sunday, June 17, 2012

Canals to Toulouse

The last and probably the shortest part of our ride. Very hot ride and with all day to do  35 kms we went off the Canal to visit Grenard about 5kms away. Although we thought things might be shut on a Sunday there was still the Pattisserie open. Got some lunch there and then found a nice shady spot to eat. Temperature got to about 28C so needed plenty of fluid.
   The trip into the city could have been a bit daunting expecting heavy traffic but all my preparation beforehand had helped with a very quiet route via side roads to the hotel. The GPS has been very successful accessory fixed to my handlebars.
   The Hotel was nicely airconditioned  so could relax before heading out to explore Toulouse. Got the bikes all folded up and into their bags easily so the end of the tour is complete. Really enjoyed the biking although my legs are quite tired. Maybe next time should get clips put on so that the hamstrings can help out.