Monday, June 18, 2012

Canals to Toulouse- our destination

After a delicious evening meal, courtesy of our hosts and a good sleep we set off on the last leg of our journey. We only had 35 km to travel so searched the map for options to fill the time. I noticed the town of Grenade which was just a 10km round trip so we rode around the town, took some photos and bought some snacks and drinks for later in the day.
We cycled gently as the temperatures rose and with some trepidation left the safety of the Canal lateral de Garonne
with the paved cycle track and headed into Toulouse. Jerry had planned ahead and was able to follow a path he had put into his GPS. We cycled along quiet Sunday roads, crossed a few dual carriage ways and easily found our hotel.
Toulouse was hot and sunny that first evening so we strolled around later. Beautiful old buildings with narrow twisted streets and alleys. Church domes and spires in all directions and people of far greater ethnic diversity (all speaking French) than we have seen elsewhere en route.
A delightful end to an amazing trip!