Monday, December 12, 2011

This is a test for my first effort at blogging. I am not sure how it all works but felt trying it out was the best option.
The long term plan is that I have a blog with connection to Google plus, and it looks as though this is the best option.

I am looking at having a project to plan for in a year or two's time. It was triggered by finding out that I had 144 days long service leave. The Hospital had never knowingly informed me that this was available to me and I only discovered when the leave data was computerized and I was able to look up my leave for myself. Apparently I have had 3 less days leave annually than others with my specific contract and it has built up over the last 27 years. The other problem is that this leave has to be taken all at once!
I didnt want to waste this time with a ordinary holiday and needed to plan something special.

What better than cycling New Zealand from top to bottom!

But could I do it considering I'm 60 now? Of course, but I am thinking of all the hills. What about an electric bike for assistance?