Thursday, June 18, 2015

Krems to Emmersdorf

Simple day today. We steamed all night on the boat from Vienna to Krems. I think by all the noise involved with docking that we arrived about 6.30am at the Krems docking spot. Usual breakfast then off on a 40.2kms  ride along the left hand side of the river. this time going up stream and against the wind. Actually a tougher ride thyan expected as was very windy.
We stopped and looked around Krems, Durnstein, Weissenkirchen and then a final 10km straight run into Emmersdorf. We didnt go up the steep climb to the ruined castle opf Kueringer where Richard the lion Heart was held prisoner, but Gill and Sue went into the Church with a bend in Spitz. Oddly we all got lost and seperated in this town eventually catching up to each other at the church.