Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Left Andermatt after restless night. Great to get going at last. Got the train to Oberalppass. Spectacular views as we climbed to 2100 metres. Snowing lightly at the top. Took a while to get organised with extra layers and covers for the trailer. It was freezing.
BUT it was downhill for 10 kms. Stopped frequently to check the bike and brakes. All went without a problem. Stopped for a drink at Disentis/Muster but after that the road became a track. Very rough for the little wheels. Worse that the Otago rail trail by a long way. Starting to think about what would happen if something broke as pretty isolated and very few people about.

Classic Swiss views with cowbells constantly going. The cows must get tinnitus here.

Starting to get weary when I reached Ilanz, quicker than I thought, so stopped there for a decent lunch. I thought it would only be a short ride to the camp site but it was all up hill. So much for thinking it would be all downhill.
The camp site at Carrera is very isolated with only 2 tents here. There are no shops for miles so may only have water and a muesli bar for dinner. I hope the campsite owner will open up tonight(7-8) as there are a few goodies in the small shop which I can buy.

Havent got a Swiss SIM card as I planned. They had run out at Zurich airport!! No WiFi here of course so may use NZ roaming to get this off.