Friday, May 30, 2014


Slept better last night as it wasnt so cold. Buchs camping site was in the village so had a good pizza and beer at the pub. Unfortunately it rained in the night so the tent was very wet to pack up. The rain continued all day, although was drizzle at times. Not unexpectantly the novelty of this trip wore off as I got colder and wetter on the bike.
Luckily the terrain was better with only short stretches of cinder track, the rest very nice tarmac surface with no traffic.
Still havent quite got the GPS sussed as got lost a few times trying to take a short cut missing out Fussack as I cut the corner from Buchs to Seehorn just past Arbon.
Probably did about 75 kms today but legs feel much better and no sore bum.
Big problem is electrical power for the GPS and Phone. The dynamo is definitly not working properly as cycled over 70 kms and barely charged. The other problem there was no sun for me to put out the solar panel. So will have to keep this short. Dont seem to be any power outlets at the campsite unless you pay and even then I still have the wrong adapter. I would have thought i would have got that right!