Saturday, May 31, 2014


Great day today with sunshine all day and a chance to dry out. Only done about 60kms today along the southern shores of lake Constance. 

Amazing how many people were out on bikes today. I suppose it is a saturday but had to keep a look out for the fast riders.
Last night was the coldest yet and next door to wimpering kids who also sounded cold during the night. (Family camping!!) The campsites are completly full over the weekend with lots of campervans so I am glad I set off early and arrive at campsites in early afternoon befor they get full up. Quite a few cyclits got turned away. It will be quieter next week as they had a holiday during the week and lots have taken the week off.

Paths were easy today with only short patches of rough surface.
Good views and lots of sailing boats about. It is a pretty large lake so lots of holiday homes and recreational areas.
Discovered the solar panels on the trailer far more efficient than the dynamo and far less effort!! This campsite at Huttenberg is really good with electricity and internet so happy to have my gadjets all charged. May be able to read a book and listen to some music tonight. For the Kiwis I can also listen to the national programme which starts morning report at 8 pm local time.

Another shortish ride tomorrow past the Rhine Falls.