Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Arrived in Andermatt

Long day travelling from Heathrow to Andermatt. The two bags are heavy and difficult to handle, with lots of puffing up and down stairs at the stations.
Although the weather was dull some great views on the train from Zurich to Andermatt. Lots of cloud obscuring the mountain tops but looks like snow still around.
Met and had dinner with a very chatty American couple who are riding down the Rhine tomorrow too. He is 75 and planning to ride up the pass to the top so puts me to shame as I will take the train to the top of the pass.(that is the real start of the Eurovelo 15 and source of the Rhine).
Looking forward to actually starting the ride and so far few hitches. My plug adapter does not seem to fit so maybe the Swiss dont use the usual European plugs. Will have to charge my gadjets with the dynamo and solar panels.

Probably wont sleep that well, with the nervous excitement!!