Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 6

Shorter day but some rough track to negotiate. Can be very slow and some walking up short hills. Far less riders today as I suspect most were doing the circuit of Lake Constance over the weekend so I went further along the Rhine and a little South. Full sun again so lots sunscreen put on this morning.
Last night campsite was good with excellent restaurant. Not so many noisy children.
Past through Schaffhausen which a very classic german looking city. Lots of japanese tourists wandering the streets with cameras in hand.
The Rhine falls was not a goer. They had screened off the views and were charging entrance fee. Was reluctant to leave the bikes and bags as there were so many people about. That when 2 travellers makes it easy. I did catch of glimpse of the falls but not worth a photo.
The bike and trailer are giving me no problems, touch wood but will oil the chain tonight as very dusty and dirty. Its a tough little bike alright.
Looking forward to a hotel tomorrow in Zurich when I catch up with Sue for phase 2w of the ride. Just a short distance but over some hills.
The restaurant shuts at 6 here tonight and no shops around so will need to eat early. Tent site well away from other campers so should be a quiet night.