Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 17 Geisenheim to Koblenz 74kms

Another good day in spite of legs complaining about yesterday. Good weather and perfect cycle tracks.

This is probably the prettiest part of the German Rhine with castles and vineyards on both sides of the Rhine gorge. Lots of tourists boats plying up and down.
We started from Geisenheim fairly early after a reasonable night in the tent. Temperature down to acceptable levels. Crossed the rhine almost immediately to Bingen. Made good progress along the southern bank although as would be expected the wind was fresh up the valley and through the gorge.
Had lunch- a plain roll and coffee at a lovely village called Bacharach. Real classic old German village. Castles on every hill!!
Legs really started to complain as the day went on and got to Kablenz as planned. Good campsite with new fascilities but cold showers. Gill can handle that but took me a while to wash with lots of gasps and groans.
We are behind on schedule so may do some of the industrial central part of the Rhine by boat or train.

OK now the good and bad. Accommadation
The good- finding a nice campsite with a restaurant and good hot showers.
The bad- worrying all day if we can find somewhere to stay!

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