Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 19 Another rest day. Bonn to Cologne by Ferry

Planned rest day with a boat trip from Bonn to Cologne. Only ferry was at 4pm so we had all day in Bonn. Had a look again at all the sites. Nice city with good pedestrian streets and market squares. Found a huge bookshop which was a converted cinema. They had left the stage area, ceiling and some seating for people to read. Got maps for the rest of the journey so happy.
As we were boarding the ferry with bikes and trailers bumped into the American couple I had meet on my first day of the trip in Andermatt. Very hospitable couple. He is a very fit 75 year old and they got up the first mountain pass out of Andermatt when I had taken train. They also found the heat unbearable so have had some rest days and train sections. They have been staying in Hotels rather than camping and have sent a lot of their excess gear back by post, so not carrying as much as we are.
The scenary between Bonn and Driesberg is very industrial so we may get an early train and bypass that and get back to cycling mid morning tomorrow. Hope to get out into some countryside as cities are hard to ride through.
Arrived at Hotel in cologne about 7 pm, got a room and when we opened the door found peoples clothes and luggage in the room and realise we were double booked. Luckily had a spare twin room for us.
Look forward to a good ride tomorrow as legs have just about stopped hurting.