Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day15 Speyer to Worms 60kms

Much better day with temperatures down in the morning with good cloud cover. Dodged some thunder and lightening with slight rain which cooled us. All the locals are commenting on the unusually hot weather. Last night was the last straw with a night of over 25c so just in undies and lying on the sleeping bag. Although the campsite was nearly empty and we thought would be quiet the frogs started up a very noisy chorus in the middle of the night. Unbelievable to think about 10 days ago I was freezing with 4 extra clothes layers on in my sleeping bag.

I think yesterdays heat really stretched us so only did 60kms today. We have also treated ourselves to 2 rooms at a hotel in Worms.

Worms calls itself one of the oldest cities in Germany... We had time to wander round the central city and visit the rather special Cathedral. Had a nice Thai restaurant meal this evening and will retire early with the prospects of a longer ride tomorrow.

And to those who were worried about our lack of food yesterday which probably did affect our performance all the shops were open so there was plenty of choice.