Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 9

Waldshut to Basel via Laufenberg, which is beautifully situated on the Rhine and a good walk around Bad Sackingen which is an amazing place. It was notable for a wooden bridge across the Rhine to Switzerland and the trumpeter of Sackingen. For us it is the first place that we required mechanical repairs in this instance a puncture caused by broken glass on the footpath. I was not poular having suggested a quick trip along the footpath by the Rhine for a closer look at the bridge. 
Mid way to Basel it started to pour so we ended up in torrential rain in the middle of Basel's  motorways looking for bike routes which we couldnt find. 
We arrived in Huningue which is French, across the Rhine from Germany and adjacent to Switzerland.
It was bleak in the wet weather and the campsite was the most basic so far- plus with me wishing for a comfy dry night. We had stopped at a hotel with a 3 bedded room- the only one free at 250 euro! Even I was not tempted.
The rain did clear and our tent proved itself with no leaks.