Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 21 Kalkar to Oosterbeek 64 kms

Good steady day. Couple of small showers and we dodged most of the black clouds. Last campsite really quiet so we slept well but was pretty basic. Eg no loo paper.
We cycled more in a straight line today and did not hug the Rhine. So went through some smallish villages and then Arnhem.
Difficult to know exactly which country you are in but start to notice peoples houses are decorated with flags for the football world cup. And now we see Dutch flags. And then we saw one smallish sign saying Netherlands 1 km. Nothing else. (Europe is football mad at the moment)

Arnhem is a cyclist city with bike paths taking presidence to roads but the cyclist dont seem to have any rules and come at you from all directions. The cycle paths have central dotted lines, their own traffic lights and  cars give way to all cycle paths.
Found a rather isolated but pleasant campsite by the river. Nice showers and loos. Has a cafe but is closed on Mondays!!! So biscuits and water again tonight. No WIFI again.

Forgot about the good and bad yesterday. Navigation
The good-- having a GPS so that you know where you are.
The bad-- Having 2 GPS's which each tell you to go in a different direction.