Monday, June 2, 2014


From Camping Steubisallmend to Zurich- about 30kms.
Although it sounds a short ride initially the GPS wanted me to go up a goat track up a steep hill. So I changed the settings on the GPS to avoid unpaved roads. Unfortunately that took me onto an extremely busy road which was narrow and full of trucks. Scary! So I changed the GPS back and went the slow way.
Anyway got here withput too much problem, going behind the airport on relatively quiet paths and cycle paths along the road. Interestingly stopped at a cafe at the end of the runway presumably setup for plane watchers. Coffee was terrible.
Camp last night was adequate but very quiet. Only problem was that everything shut at 6 pm as it was Sunday.
Sue arrives tonight and in morning we shall take a train back to were I left the route at Eglisau and will be back on the Eurovelo 15.