Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 20 Duisberg to Kalkar 72 kms

Fairly good day of riding. Got a train out of Cologne and got off at Duisborg. Hoped to get past most of the industrial part of Germany but still past vast factories with huge cooling towers. We didnt think much of Cologne as we were in a fairly grotty part overnight. Got a glimpse of the famous cathedral but didnt get a good picture.

Followed the Rhine trail fairly closely today and the only real complaint was the wind. As usual it always seems you are gong into it. The fact that there were a large number of huge wind generators suggests it would be windy. It has got pretty flat as we approach Holland.
Lots out cycling today with family riding every concievable type of cycle with lots of electric powered ones. But all ages are out there on a Sunday afternoon.

The first campsite we found was for static campers only so had to go on further. Stopped at a pleasant quiet one, but has limited fascilities so once again only some buscuits to eat since breakfast. Must be better prepared for tomorrow.
Probably only three more days of full cycling so certainly underestimated the distances that we could travel pulling rather heavy trailers.