Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 8

From the hotel in Zurich we took a tram to the Bahnhof HB. We struggled to get a system to load the bikes and trailers in and out of the trams and trains but it started to look a bit more streamline by the final destination of Eglisau which is where we rejoined the Rhine. We had a reasonable ride with a couple of pretty Swiss villages with traditional houses along a mix of sealed and unsealed tracks and roads. There were more hills than I had envisaged and the glimpses of the Rhine occurred every 5 km or so. Weather was sunny and warm then a few spots of rain which fortunately didnt get any worse although we donned the rain gear in case the gloomy clouds ahead came our way. Finally, just as I thought we were about 3/4 along todays ride, Jerry suddenly turned a sharp right, leading us over a bridge on the Rhine, filled with stationery trucks and into Germany.
From here it was a short ride through houses and we were in the entrance to the campsite in Waldshut Tengen, nestled beside the Rhine.
We set up the tent which was still very wet from 2 nights ago and left it to dry while we enjoyed a cup of tea and some apfel strudel ( we hadnt had lunch!) 
Later we walked along to Waldshut following the Rhine and chanced upon a beautiful old city with an arched entry way, topped by a clock and beautiful houses either side of the road between the entry and exit gates. We were tempted by the amazing bakery items but resisted with the thought of dinner ahead.
We are now sitting in the restaurant enjoying some green salad and rosti with beer (even a non alcoholic version for me)